33 Basic Train Outfit Ideas That Protect Motivated

33 Basic Train Outfit Ideas That Protect Motivated

In times when only suit and tie will follow the dress code, Look for certain suit accessories colors so you can choose the right colors for weddings and other special occasions.

Cut the number of outfits in half and bring one or two accessories. Bring another belt or hip pack to upgrade your outfit and make it look different. Bring a scarf or pashmina to change your look with the same basic garments.

All in all, there are 5 outfits that I wore 2 times, once in the first week and once in the second part, of course after washing. I can wear the leggings with several outfits and I can wear the vest with other outfits. I took off my shoes to have a long day of drafting.

Many people have recreated the train costumes without the 3D face. If the weather forecast is questionable, you can spray Thomas the train costume a little with a poly or other clear protection spray.

The disco enthusiasm of the 1970s was in many ways the decade itself in miniature. In hot nightclubs like Studio 54, Funhouse and Xenon in New York City or the Palace in Paris, dressing for a disco was an opportunity to show your personality, much like in a suit. With flashing lights, spinning disco ball, and loud music, the conversation was minimal, so the disco costume had to say it all.

Add arm warmers, leg warmers, wrap skirts and pullovers, and chunky plastic jewelry, and it was jazzy in the disco. The combination of roller skating and disco dance gave the fashion of the 80s a new look. Short metal gym shorts with a jersey or a sequined tank top brought this street sport to the dance floor and back again.

The travel item you need on every train journey is a sweater, hoodie, or big pashmina. The temperatures in Zug are very different from train to train and it is a must to have something warm with you. Make sure you stash it in the top of your backpack for easy access.

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